Cluster Prime is the home planet of The Cluster, ruled by Vega (formerly Vexus).

Cluster forces typically use some sort of space vortex (a portal or wormhole) to travel between their planet and the Earth. This planet holds a certain rivalry with Earth, as several attempts of takeover were made, the final and most notable resulting in Vexas's forced abdication and her daughter's takeover of Cluster Prime. This, along with Vega's promise of reform of Cluster Prime's society, promises a better future for both Earth and Cluster Prime.

Cluster Prime


  • Jonathan Coulton's song Chiron Beta Prime describes a planet very similar to Cluster Prime, where humans are enslaved by robots.
  • The planet and its government of Cluster Prime also alludes to Nazi Germany, while the country invades other foreign areas and occupied them (like Cluster invading Earth while Germany invades the Eastern European countries), the country itself although under a fascist regime, functions (along with its natives) as a normal society while the corrupt government uses secret police to surveillance the streets and propaganda to make their people go against the allies, filling their people with lies to hide their true deceit (Vexus scapegoating Jenny for the theft of the people's chips while Hitler commits genocide against the Jews during the Holocaust).
  • Due to Nora Wakeman's rivalry with Vexas, the Cluster's treatment of humans, and several references to Alien wars before Jenny's creation, It can be assumed that Cluster Prime and Earth had unpleasent dealings in the past.
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