Ball and Chain is the first half of episode 11 of Season 3 of My Life as a Teenage Robot.


The episode starts out with Brad at school, in the hallway, asking out numerous girls and failing. The Space Bikers then burst in to kidnap Brad to make him Tammy's husband. Meanwhile, Jenny is downloading French lessons in her language class when she steps out of the classroom (with headphones on) to see the Space Bikers chasing Brad. Before she can take action, they set off the smoke alarms, and the emergency sprinklers drench her and cause her own language-downloading equipment to electrocute her, knocking her out.

Brad (now at Mezmer's, tied up and with tape over his mouth) finally hears of Tammy's longing to marry him. At first he is confused, but he begins to recall all of the times Tammy had flirted with him in their past encounters — albeit while bullying, roughhousing, and beating him up. While the Space Bikers are planning for the wedding, Brad first attempts to escape, but is intercepted by Tammy and her alien pet, and forced to endure a wild biker party at Mezmer’s (which Tuck enjoys despite Brad’s screams for help).

The next day, Jenny is started up by a school janitor, who had been inadvertently using her as a floor shiner. She quickly remembers that Brad had been kidnapped by the Space Bikers, and rockets off to save him from what she believes to be danger. She arrives at a church and sees that Brad is about to be married to Tammy. Assuming he is being forced against his will, Jenny breaks in before they say "I do" and attempts to rescue him, proceeding to beat up the Space Bikers. However, Brad yells at her to stop, and explains to Jenny that he actually wants to marry Tammy and live the exciting life of a Space Biker with her. He had considered and finally accepted Tammy’s proposal, considering no other girl has expressed such interest and affection for him. Jenny is shocked, but she gracefully and peacefully accepts Brad’s wishes, though she is sad to hear this, telling him that although she is happy for him, she will miss her friend when he leaves to become part of the Space Bikers. She then gives Brad a quick goodbye kiss on the cheek, wishes him luck, and leaves. Brad and Tammy are then officially married (however, Brad finds it slightly odd that the “wedding ring” placed on him by the Space Bikers is more like a dog collar).

At the at the reception afterward, Jenny has accepted that her best friend is happy with his new wife, Tammy. But when Sludge explains that Brad will be more of a slave to Tammy than a husband (hence the collar), he shortly decides that he wants out, and removes the “ring”. In response, Tammy then tries to eat him as a Space Biker tradition (if the husband tries to annul or cancel the wedding). Jenny then comes to Brad’s rescue and defeats the Space Bikers, driving away Tammy and the rest of them. Tammy never again pursues Brad.

Relieved, Brad happily thinks of how all the ladies will be pleased that he is now available again. Tuck runs out and humorously berates him, disappointed that he won't be able to join the Space Bikers, and goes on to say how Brad blew it again.


  • Cleaner: Hey, you're not my floor waxer.
  • Jenny: Thanks for the bulletin, Captain Obvious.


  • The foreign language phrases that Jenny says as she gets electrocuted by the foreign language tape machines are "Domo arigato" ("thanks" in Japanese), "Dasvidaniya" ("goodbye" in Russian) and "Arrivederci" ("farewell" in Italian).
  • This is Sheldon's final appearance in the series.
  • Oddly, Jenny is seen taking a French lesson in school, even though she already has every language on Earth downloaded into her OS, as data stored on many discs, as first shown in Speak No Evil.
  • During Brad and Tammy's wedding, the part where Jenny bangs on the church glass while shouting "Brad!" repeatedly, breaking through the glass, and then getting into a brawl with the wedding guests is a likely nod to the famous church scene from the 1967 romantic comedy-drama film The Graduate.