Class Action is the second half of episode two of My Life as a Teenage Robot. It first aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on August 8th, 2003.


Jenny is preparing for the greatest challenge she's ever faced... high school. She's looking to make some new friends, and she's found some in Brit and Tiff Crust. Unfortunately, the Crusts don't quite share the same feelings. Jenny's going to learn the hard way that not all people can be trusted.


  • Jenny: What is up, homeslices? My name's Jenny! I've been doing some calculations, and I've computed that it would be totally 'fab' if, after a day of serious study, we could hang out, kick it, chill, and do our homework together!
  • Brad: She was so young. She was gonna do great things. She was going to transform into our homecoming float!


  • This is the episode where it introduces Jenny's school.
  • Brit and Tiff made their debut appearances in this episode.
  • A class action is a lawsuit where a group of people in similar circumstances (a class) sues another party, usually consumers suing a large business.