The episode begins as Miss Wakeman is in the middle of a dangerous experiment. She thinks that something serious is wrong when Jenny bursts in and informs her that the special Valentine's Day dance is coming up, and she wants to go on a date with a boy. Dr. Wakeman tells her that she can't go because she must be alert and prepared in case of a random emergency. Despite all of Jenny's begging, Dr. Wakeman adamantly refuses to let her go to the dance.

The following day, Sheldon tries to convince Jenny to ask him, but she informs him that her mom refuses to let her go to the dance with a boy. Sheldon suggests that she should ask the Silver Shell, who is a robot like she is.

Jenny runs off to talk with him in hopes to ask him to attend the dance with her. Silver Shell accepts her request, after Jenny nearly short circuits trying to ask him, and she gleefully flies home. Sheldon, meanwhile heads home while deciding to reveal his true self to Jenny at the dance. Come dance time Sheldon gets both himself, and the Silver Shell prepared.

Jenny also has gotten dressed up for the occasion, and downloads a CD that will allow her to dance like a pro. At the dance, both of them arrive as Jenny cheerfully states she has a date. Forgetting the corsage, Sheldon's uses one of Silver Shell's arms to grab a piece of metal, which he forms into a metal rose. Inside, Jenny and Silver Shell begin to enjoy the dance. Sheldon goes over his checklist, stating everything will be fine as long as nothing bad happens. But suddenly the Space Bikers show up...

Hoping to distract Jenny, he sends her out into the hallway just as the Bikers show up to cause trouble. Every time the Space Bikers cause trouble, Silver Shell keeps trying to keep her out of the main room so his plans won't be ruined. He runs back into the hallway repeatedly, stating that he's going to request them a special song. Back in the auditorium, the Space Bikers quickly beat up the Silver Shell as Jenny impatiently waits. She gets upset over the time of waiting, and tries to talk to the Silver Shell before noticing that everybody is missing...

The two of them begin to dance. Silver Shell is about to reveal himself as Sheldon, but is interrupted the Bikers yet again. Jenny accidentally gets stuck in the crystal ball after he unintentionally throws her into the air to prevent her from seeing the invaders.

The Space Bikers watch and mock them until Jenny snaps at them to leave. She then tells off the Silver Shell for ruining her first dance, stating that he "makes Sheldon look like Prince Charming". Elated to hear this, Silver Shell happily blasts away. The nerdy hall monitor boy who appeared throughout the episode then approaches Jenny and asks her to dance, and she smiles and hugs him in response.


Dr. Wakeman and Jenny: When the red light's a-flashin', you can't go a-dashin'.

Jenny: I've heard of playing hard to get, but hard to hang on to?!

Jenny: I have a date! I have a date!
Sheldon: I have a date! I have a date!

Jenny: So... Dance... Wanna?


  • "Dancing With My Shell" is a take-off of Billy Idol's song "Dancing With Myself."