Doctor (Dr.) Locus is the father and creator of Melody, his robot daughter. He debuts in “Bradventure”, made a brief cameo in “No Harmony with Melody”, and made his final appearance in “Turncoats” as the revealed final main antagonist, where he makes an attempt to take control of Dr. Nora Wakeman's inventions.

He is voiced by Grant Albrect.


Dr. Locus is a stout and fairly stocky man. In his reference to his work creating robotic farm animals, he has the appearance of a typical farm worker. He wears dull green overalls and a white buttoned shirt underneath. Although roughly middle-aged, Dr. Locus seems to have underwent premature balding with two strands hair remaining. He has a curly cream yellow beard that extends all the way to his chest. Regardless of his workaholic nature, his beard is well neatly trimmed along with his eyebrows. His eyes are teal-blue, he wears glasses, and has a large reddish nose.


In addition to Vexus, Smytus, and Armagedroid, Dr. Locus has proven to be one Jenny's most formidable and dangerous foes.

He was able to completely disable and incapacitate Jenny in order to download and steal her data (in Bradventure), which he presumably later used to upgrade his own robot daughter Melody to make her just as advanced and powerful (as seen during her battle with Jenny in No Harmony with Melody).

By using his engineering and intellect, Dr. Locus is able to manipulate, intrude without warning, and even control any robot to his own advantage using a remote control device he invented, as seen in the final episode Turncoats.


  • Dr. Locus is the final antagonist of the entire series.