Ear No Evil is the first part of the Sense No Evil saga.


The episode begins in school. Pteresa runs into class with her friends, as the Crust Cousins are sitting in the corner of the classroom. She tells them how she finally went and got her ears pierced, and shows off her earrings. The Crust Cousins do not seem impressed in the least, and Tiff then shows off her third piercing. Jenny then approaches and comments on the jewelry, but is taunted by the Crust Cousins for her lack of ears.

After being taunted for not having ears, Jenny goes home to ask Wakeman to make her some ears, but her mother refuses, stating that Jenny, being a highly advanced robot, does not need ears for hearing. She especially is against giving her artificial ears after learning that Jenny just wants them so she can get them pierced. Jenny storms out while angrily claiming she will just make her own ears. But knowing she can't, Jenny turns to Sheldon, who eagerly agrees in order to please Jenny.

The following day Jenny heads to her class with everybody staring in shock at her new pierced ears. She doesn't seem to notice that her peers are mocking her, giggling behind her back, and wonders if perhaps everybody is beginning to feel sick.

Meanwhile, in town an armored villain called “The Lancer” attacks the city, robing everyone of their precious items, such as jewelry, money, and clothing.

While Jenny is in the cafeteria, Wakeman calls for her to stop the crisis, and she leaves. Tiff and Britt proceed to laugh at Jenny. Sheldon tries to defend her, saying that she was perfect the way she was, and storms off in annoyance.

Back in town, Jenny shows up and quickly begins to realize she is having some trouble flying due to her big ears making her less aerodynamic. This also makes it easy for the Lancer to attack her. As she is pinned to the wall by one of his lances through her hooped earring, the Lancer's openly taunts her for her ridiculously large ears, and everyone in town laughs at her. At this moment, Jenny realizes that everyone at school was making fun of her. . . Lancer proceeds to charge up a very desctructive laser, but as soon as he shoots it at Jenny, she manages to pull away when the screws on her ear come loose.

Finally accepting the fact that her new ears are causing nothing but trouble for her, Jenny yanks off her other ear with ease and throws it at The Lancer's weapon, disabling him from attacking. Jenny then easily defeats him, causing his armor to explode, and release all of the jewelry and money he stole from the citizens. All of the townspeople cheer happily and laugh as the Lancer is revealed to be a small, big-eared elf in a jester costume!

After the Lancer runs away in humiliation, Jenny goes to Sheldon once more. She thanks him, and he admits that he liked Jenny the way she was — as well as liking her freakishly large ears, telling her that he never meant to embarrass her.

Back at her home, Brad goes over how to approach Jenny with both Tuck and Wakemen when suddenly Jenny comes in. Tuck makes a joke, but Brad shuts him up while they notice Jenny is missing her ears now. Jenny mentions that Sheldon really wanted to make it up to her, and as a result, he's given her a new nose — and nose-ring...

The episode ends as everybody laughs, including Jenny.



  • The Lancer robbed from the following 9 places:
  1. A bank (vacuumed all the money)
  2. A jewelry store (vacuumed the jewels)
  3. A tax collector (took his money)
  4. A café
  5. A lady walking a dog
  6. A bearded biker (motorcycle)
  7. A circus lion and accordion player
  8. A guitarist
  9. A baby.
  • The title is a play on "Hear No Evil"
  • The Lancer would make a return in the episode "The Legion of Evil" along with Vladimir and The Mad Hammer Brothers.
  • The episode makes a reference to Disney's “Dumbo”. The Lancer references the song “When I See an Elephant Fly” by quoting the words: "I've seen a peanut stand, and heard a rubber band. I've seen a needle that winked its eye. But I've never seen an elephant-eared robot girl!"