The Wiki of a Teenage Robot

Synthetic human Exo-Skins are haptic suits used to make robots appear as "normal human people" in order to fit in with their peers.


Jenny’s Exo-Skin, (voiced by Grey DeLisle), first appeared in Raggedy Android as a poorly-made and rather frightening ragdoll-like prototype invented by Dr. Wakeman that scared the people of Tremorton when Jenny wore it to the town fair.

It later returned in The Return of Raggedy Android and had been “improved” by Dr. Wakeman by making Jenny successfully appear as a beautiful and seemingly perfect "normal girl". Jenny used the skin to fit in amongst the other teens and hit on Don Prima at Mezmer's. Unfortunately, the Exo-Skin is evil and has a mind of its own; when it attaches to its host it appears to possess both their mind and body, making it difficult to escape from its grasp. The Exo-Skin tried to force its will on Jenny, nearly taking over her mind and discouraging her from being her true self and saving her friends from danger when they were under attack by the Space Bikers. Thankfully, Jenny was able to free herself from its evil control by pouring a milkshake on herself. After tearing it off, it seemed that Jenny had destroyed the Exo-Skin. However, after Jenny and the other teenagers leave Mezmer's, the Exo-Skin latches onto Mr. Mezmer, laughing evilly as it tried to possess him, and dragging him away to an ambiguous fate.

The Exo-Skin does not appear again in the series after the events of The Return of Raggedy Android, though Mr. Mezmer reappears in later episodes, as he apparently managed to separate himself from it.