Gigawatt is an alien villain in My Life as a Teenage Robot. He only appeared once in Mind Over Matter. He is voiced by Nick Jameson, and has a Russian-sounding accent.


Gigawatt is a tall and massive energy-based alien resembling a vaguely anthropomorphic living red and white lightning bolt. His body mass is a bolt of constantly surging white, red-bordered lightning. He lacks legs, but has long red lightning-bolt arms and large white plasma-based hands which he blasts powerful red plasma bolts from. He has a clear/white lightbulb-like head, large red eyes with yellow scleras, dark red eyebrows, a jagged red mouth, and a long yellow nose that also resembles a lightbulb. The base/neck of his bulb-like head is grey with a black bowtie-shaped pattern.


Gigawatt is an electric interstellar energy vampire who sucks in and absorbs all electricity by contact, growing increasingly more powerful the more he absorbs. He appeared in Mind Over Matter as an energy-based alien invader, and threatened to drain all of the electricity from Earth, causing major, widespread blackouts and rendering all electrical technology useless.

Jenny is naturally vulnerable to Gigawatt due to her being made of metal and being electronic. Gigawatt wields powerful electrokinetic abilities, which he used to defeat Jenny multiple times by creating electromagnets to incapacitate her, electrocuting her, absorbing her plasma ray attacks, and completely draining her power. He is also able to create mysterious interstellar lightning storms.

Gigawatt is later defeated when water is splashed on him to short out his electrical powers. Jenny, her mother, and her friends had to work together and use brainpower instead of brute force and technology in order to defeat this powerful energy-based villain.

Once soaked with water, Gigawatt’s energy was depleted, his plasma-based body shrinking and dissipating, and he was reduced to merely his lightbulb-like head (no longer luminescent), which was revealed to be made of a glasslike material. Despite being shorted-out, Gigawatt, reduced to only his bulb-like head, was still alive, conscious, and able to speak. Jenny cleverly stored the alien’s incapacitated bulb-like form away in a box where he was unable to escape to devour Earth’s energy again.


  • Due to Gigawatt’s role as an “energy vampire”, his Russian-sounding accent and rather posh mannerisms seem to be a reference to the most famous fictional vampire, Dracula, as well as stereotypical fictional vampires often depicted with these traits.
  • A gigawatt is a unit of power equal to one billion watts.
  • Gigawatt’s name was mistakenly spelled “Gigawhatt” in the credits for the episode.