Himcules is a minor villain in My Life as a Teenage Robot. His first and only appearance was in "This Time With Feeling" when Jenny stole her mother's prototype nerve endings.

Himcules is a tan, muscular man wearing a black toga with a yellow "H" emblazoned on the sleeve. Whenever someone cries out in pain around him, he grows stronger. But if someone laughs at him or his attacks, the opposite occurs, and his powers are diminished.

Himcules (in both his buff and nerd forms) is voiced by Bruce Campbell.


Jenny stole prototype nerve endings from Dr. Wakeman, but due to being stuck in "Pain" mode, Jenny could barely move without getting hurt. This allowed Himcules to easily overpower Jenny and grow stronger himself by causing her pain. After tossing Jenny aside, he was able to continue looting Tremorton while bullying the townspeople. However, Jenny was able to switch her nerve endings back to "Tickle" mode (thanks to a little girl) and defeat Himcules just by laughing every time he attempted to crush her. All of Jenny's laughter finally reduced Himcules to a small, scrawny and powerless nerd.

Personality and Appearance

Himcules is similar to a bully. He takes pride and pleasure in causing humiliation and both physical and emotional pain towards his victims. Causing any form of pain or displeasure in others supplies him with his amazing power to increasingly gain strength, muscle, and masculinity. He is handsome, large, tan, hairy, and extremely muscular. He is very arrogant and narcissistic, often flexing his muscles in the faces of others to strengthen his ego. His greatest loves include flexing his muscles, showing off his strength, making others feel weak, and money. He ridicules and bullies both men and women in order to gain strength from their humiliation.

Himcules gains strength and pleasure out of all forms of pain, including:

  • Physical pain
  • Humiliation, such as making others appear weak in front of others. Shown when he makes bodybuilders form a sewing circle.
  • Non-self inflicted, shown when he manipulates Jenny into punching his chin, only for her to cry out in pain over the density of it and leading him to profit.
  • Emotional, such as demeaning his opponents.

He hates when others refer to his toga as a dress, as he always appears manly and macho. He can be considered one of the strongest villians in the series due to his unnatural power. Although he loves to gain muscle through the humiliation and pain of others, he intimidates his victims in a brutish manner as well; rather than robbing a bank, he rips off the building wall and simply orders the workers to hand him all their money.

His appearence in the series could not have come at a worse time for Jenny, who had put in nerve projecters all around her body in an attempt to know the ability of physical contact, but at the moment, was stuck on "Pain" mode. Thus, Himcules benefited immensely by causing her pain and humiliation.

His weakness, however, is later discovered when Jenny gets a little girl to switch the knob that controls her nerves to "Tickle" mode, making her laugh when hit by all of his attacks. The insecurity this causes, especially after every one in town laughs at his attempts at hurting her, forms as the opposite to his power, causing him to lose all of his strength and morph down from his macho, arrogant, muscle-bound self, to a scrawny, pale, insecure nerd. This insecure form almost gains Jenny's sympathy, but she tosses him into jail when he makes a rather snide remark, as he was embarrassed to be defeated by a girl.


  • "It's a toga."
  • (To weak weightlifters) "Thou callest thyself men? With such puny muscles?"
  • "That's right, HIMCULES! Ten times the man Hercules was!"
  • (To Jenny) "Say, to give you a sporting chance, I'll let you bust me in the chops once!" *points at his chin* "Go ahead, right here!"
  • "Yes, yeees, that's it... your pathetic pleas are giving Himcules MUCH STRENGTH!"
  • "Now to profit from your pain."
  • "Gimme all your LOOOOT!! Huah!"
  • "STOP...LAUGHING...AT ME!!!"
  • (To Jenny after being defeated) "You're pretty strong too... for a girl."


  • His name is a pun on the mythical hero Hercules/Heracles.