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To make up for the great damage Jenny causes to Tremorton High while fighting the Cluster, Dr. Wakeman agrees to give a scientific lecture at the school. Unfortunately for Jenny, she's the subject.


Teacher: Uh, Jenny? Jenny Wakeman?
(Jenny gets thrown in and out the class room)
Jenny: He-ere!

Brad: Come on Jenny, being a super hero is da bomb! I'd trade places with you any day!
Jenny: How 'bout now? You can go to my house and get yelled at.
Brad: Uh... no...

Jenny: (revealing all of her weapons) You screamed?
Boy: I found a nickel, but you can have it.
Brad: What happened? Am I too late?
(the boy runs into Brad, causing the pot on Brad's head to cover his eyes)
Brad: Turning out the lights won't save you! You think you bad? Welcome to bad Brad baby! You want a piece-a-me? (beating up locker) How 'bout this piece? Or this? I'll rain down a world of hurt. Boo-Yah! Come to papa! No pain, no gain!
Jenny: Okay. Relax, Jen. There's still plenty of time for something to go wrong.
(Boy runs by screaming)
Brad: Batteries not included! Your mileage may vary!

Jenny: (seeing Brad dressed up in kitchenware) I would say you're the Tin Man, but you seem to be missing a brain instead of a heart.

(Brad and Jenny singing a duet)
Brad: Vexus will destroy the school with interstellar blasts.
Jenny: Then some slimy monsters will unleash their deadly blasts.
Brad: Toxic radiation beams from out beyond the stars.
Jenny: Mutant cyborgs launch attacks from Jupiter and Mars.
Brad: Robo bikers peeling wheelies down the corridors.
Jenny: Freshmen being eaten by galactic carnivores.
Both: Dams burst! Tornadoes blow! Locusts devour! Volcanoes explode! This is going to be the greatest day!


  • The Wizard Of Oz is referenced when Jenny says, "I would say you're the Tin Man, but you seem to be missing a brain instead of a heart."
  • Dr. Wakeman's full first name is shown to be Norene, not Nora, as was implied in "Tradeshow Showdown."
  • Jenny is seen in her shell form twice, once trying to hide her mom's wrath, and the second time out of embarrassment.