Jacques is a student and quarterback of the Poly Tech football team, and former quarterback of the Tremorton High School football team.


Jacques only made one appearance in the show, in the episode "Grid Iron Glory."

Jacques is a typical jock, who is also prone to have a short temper. His rivalry with Jenny started when she wooed the football coach. When Jenny joined the team, the coach had to cut Jacques, infuriating him and leading him to plot revenge on Jenny. He joined Poly Tech to be on their team in order to crush Tremorton High’s team, but his plan failed miserably.


Jacques has the obvious muscular, thickset build of a typical jock. His black hair resembles a crew-cut. He has a ruddy pinkish nose, and freckles around his cheeks.


Jacques is a self-centered and mean, and can be a bully. He especially despises Jenny. His most notable trait is his short temper.


  • Judging by his accent and name, it is likely that he is French.
  • He looks to be about Jenny's height, around 6'0.


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