Lancer is a two-apperance villain in My Life as a Teenage Robot. He is voiced by Quinton Flynn.


The Lancer appears to be a mighty armored knight and jouster riding a mechanical levitating horse. He lacks legs, but propels himself very swiftly through the air with a built-in rocket thruster. In one hand he holds a dark red shield emblazoned with the dollar sign ($), signifying his greed. As his name implies, he also wields a large and powerful laser-firing lance in the other hand. He uses his super-powered lance to intimidate and rob the wealthy citizens of Tremorton, completely impoverishing them. Once he is defeated by Jenny (in Ear No Evil) and stripped of his weaponry and armor, the Lancer is revealed to actually be a tiny green elfish jester-like creature with enormous ears.


Lancer first appeared in Ear No Evil, and returned in The Legion of Evil as one of Vladimir’s minions.

Lancer enjoys stealing valuable items, such as money, jewelry, and even clothing from the wealthy citizens of Tremorton, and mocking them boastfully all the while. He is able to use his lance to shoot lasers, and magnetize money, jewels, and expensive clothing from stores and people, and then absorb all of the loot he steals into his armor.