Brad joins the Skyway Patrol, to finally step up from being just Jenny's sidekick after a fight with a lava-bathing monster. She warns him against it, but he doesn't listen. Little does he know that Skyway Patrol consists more of paperwork than anything else! And with Jenny in trouble from lava-bathing alien monsters, and not all the paper work filed, who's supposed to save her?



Skyway Patrol Sergeant: Son, what's every Skyway Patrol cadet naked without?
Brad: Uh ... his blaster?
Sergeant: WRONG!! His paperwork!

Brad: Look, Jenny, I've been by your side in like a million battles by now! I wanna do more then stand on the sidelines with some lame net!
Jenny: Yeah? Well, this lame net has us trapped, and at the mercy of a hungry space alien! And it's not MY juicy human brain he's going to feast on!
Alien: I dunno. After seeing him in action, I'm not sure he'd be much of a meal.
Jenny: Good point!
Brad: All right, all right!! My brain is as sweet and juicy as anyone else's!
Alien: (grabbing Brad's head) Well, then! Let's crack your skull open and have a look-see!


  • The episode's title is a parody of the 1993 movie Last Action Hero
  • In "Last Action Zero," Brad's clothes are sucked off by a machine and his Skyway Patrol uniform is put on over his underwear. But at the end of the episode when he quits and takes off the uniform, he has his old clothes again.
  • Brad's last name is officially revealed to be Carbunkle, though the closed-captioning spelled it as "Carbuckle."
  • During the montage where Brad is filling out his initial paperwork, a transition where Brad is running from one door to another shows signs over each reading "Incidents", "Accidents", "Hints", and "Allegations." This may be a reference to a line from the Paul Simon song, "Call me Al".