Lenny is a character in My Life as a Teenage Robot. He is the only male member of the Space Bikers. He is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Appearance and Personality

Lenny is portrayed as Letta's "pet", and is mostly seen on a leash. He has a high-pitched, reedy voice, but rarely speaks. Due to his small stature, meekness, and submissive nature, Lenny is generally bullied by the rest of the tougher Space Biker gang, and Letta constantly bosses him around. Despite this, he still enjoys pranking, crashing parties, and causing mayhem on other planets as a Space Biker.


Lenny first appeared in The Return of Raggedy Android. He participated in the Space Bikers' vandalism and bullying by dumping a soda down someone's pants. However, Jenny (after freeing herself from the Exo-Skin) scared away the Space Bikers, prompting them to flee from Earth (leaving behind Lenny). Jenny then asked the abandoned Lenny, "And what should we do with you?" Lenny nervously replied, "Atomic wedgie?" and gave himself one, preferring getting it from himself than from Jenny, which she accepted.

He was implied to be Letta's husband in Ball and Chain. As a rule within the Space Bikers’ group, a leash and collar is some form of agreement between partners in marriage (as explained by Letta).

He is the school janitor on his home planet, as seen in Voyage to the Planet of the Bikers.




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