The episode begins as many girls are receiving invitations for the annual Crust cousin slumber Party. As Pteresa walks away, telling them she can't wait to see what prank they do this year, Britt and Tiff start to think about what could they do this year, when suddenly they hear Jenny humming to herself. Approaching her, they ask Jenny to attend but Jenny is already suspicious and she refuses to until Britt claims they want to make her the guest of honor, and feel badly for what they used to do her. Jenny is tempted, then agrees to it within two minutes, if that!

Britt explains her plans to the other girls who are going to be at the party and they all laugh.

Meanwhile at home, Dr. Wakeman is met at her door by the Skyway patrol who states its about Jenny. They then suddenly pounce on her cookies before they resume. Dr. Wakeman refuses to believe what they claim but the leader says she only gets one more chance or else they can freely dismantle Jenny.

Dr. Wakeman is still in disbelief when suddenly Jenny arrives and tells her that she she was invited to a slumber party, then is forced to beg her mother to allow her to attend. Dr. Wakeman tells Jenny she can't with the Skyway patrol watching them but Jenny sneaks out anyway...

Meanwhile at the party, all of the girls are hanging out when they suddenly silence themselves upon hearing Jenny there. Jenny stares in surprise, examining every aspect before the others offer to give Jenny a makeover and sleep next to them. As the girls leave the Crust cousins‘ house and walk around town, it's then Britt thinks it'd be more fun for Jenny to tip over the car.

Jenny does not think this would be wise, but she is forced into doing it after she is teased. With ease Jenny tips it over, then proceeds to tip over a few other cars throughout town...

At home, Skyway Patrol states that Jenny isn't home and that she's in town. Dr. Wakeman claims that Jenny is home, and she's just doing chores. But when she checks the bed she finds a toaster! She then is forced to run from her house to find Jenny before Skyway Patrol does.

Meanwhile, Britt then has Jenny swallow up the entire lake! Both Skyway Patrol, and Dr. Wakeman find a bloated Jenny as she sprays water everywhere in town, making it seem as if its raining. At the zoo Jenny begins to free all of the animals. It's then the girls wish to use stink bombs on City Hall. Tiff and Britt claim that once Jenny does this, they'll be friends forever and she won't need to do anymore.

Dr. Wakeman tries to tell Jenny not to do this as Jenny flies up the vehicle when suddenly she overhears the girls badmouthing her as she tries to tell them to buckle their seat belts. Jenny then runs throughout the town to clean up the problems and mess she accidentally made while scolding herself. Skyway Patrol meanwhile had gotten out their General as Dr. Wakeman finds Jenny and tells her they don't have a lot of time left before Jenny gets caught.

After they put everything back and the Skyway Patrol arrive to the lake, Jenny has just put in all of the water back into the lake and fixed all of the cars. Skyway Patrol is having trouble finding Jenny but when they go back to her home they see Jenny doing housework. The Skyway Patrol leader threatens them, stating that they'll be watching before leaving.

Dr. Wakeman scolds Jenny, who is almost sleeping, but Jenny simply thanks her mom and wishes the girls goodnight, revealing them to be stuck on the very top of Town Hall as the episode ends...


Mrs. Wakeman: (trying to cover for Jenny, while fishing in a drained lake) They're just not biting tonight. (nervous chuckle)

Jenny: You don't think I'm a freak, right, mom?
Mrs. Wakeman: No, I don't...I just think you're grounded for two weeks!

Skyway Patrol guy: (mocking the others, in the pouring rain) It's a beautiful night! Let's take the convertible!

Mrs. Wakeman: My XJ-9 is no danger to anyone! (Jenny barges in and slams the door on Mrs. Wakeman)

Jantrice: I'll give you a makeover!
Jenny: And then I'll give you one! (deploys a bunch of dangerous-looking metal tools)


  • When Jenny is opening her locker, one can hear her humming the theme song.