Party Machine is the first part of episode 5 of My Life as a Teenage Robot.


Jenny and Brad's secret party is a hit, but between keeping the party-goers under control, keeping the house in one piece, and keeping a group of tiny multiplying aliens from invading Earth, Jenny has her hands full.


(door knocks and Jenny gasps)

Jenny: Mom's back! (pushes switch that puts house gadgets back) Hide!

Brad: Hide where? Oh! (Jenny knocks him back with extended arms)
Jenny: (opens door) Oh it's you.
Tuck: (carrying a Fun Box of toys and games) I came to help with the super-secret party.
Brad: (walks in slighty brused and clothes torn) Tuck, didn't I tell you that...
Tuck: (walks into house) We got a lot of work to do before tonight. It's going to be a total rager! Where should I put the Pin the Tail on the Donkey? (holds it up before a wall)
Brad: (staring at Jenny who stares back) You can't stay Tuck.
Jenny: Yeah, adults only.
Tuck: (eyes grow as he tears up and starts crying)
Brad: See? This is exactly why he can't be here.
Tuck: (crying and kicking around the floor) I can be an adult! I can be an adult!
Brad: Look Tuck it's just that... (he and Jenny gasp as phone number noises are heard)
Tuck: (smiling and holding a phone)
Nora: (off-screen) Hello?
Tuck: Hello Mrs. Wakeman, it's Tuck from next door.
Jenny: (on her knees and hands together) Okay, you can stay.
Tuck: (puts phone behind ear) Pin the Tail on the Donkey?
Jenny: Yes.
Tuck: (holds phone back to mouth) I just called to say that I love you.

Nora: Excuse me? (Tuck hangs up and whistles as Jenny stares in disbelief)


Mrs. Wakeman: This house better not be a mess...Wow! XJ-9! I can't believe you made this house so completely spotless! You have no idea how proud I am of you, young lady. To show my appreciation, I think I'll allow you to throw that party you've been wanting to have! 

Jenny & Brad: Ah... (both faint

Tuck: I'll set up Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey!  (Donkey braying sound effect as the episode ends)


  • This is the second time that Jenny catches Brad (the first time was in It Came From Next Door).
  • It's unclear how Tuck knew Nora's phone number as she was going on a trip.
    • The "I love you" pun might be a reused joke from the Spongebob episode Chocolate with Nuts that aired in 2002.