Raggedy Android is the first half of episode two of My Life as a Teenage Robot. It first aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on August 8th, 2003. The Return of Raggedy Android is a sequel to this episode.


Jenny wants to go to the town fair, but she can't go as a robot. Dr. Wakeman suggests that Jenny must look more human so as not to frighten the townspeople, but will her latest invention, an “Exo-Skin”, really help Jenny to fit in and look normal?




  • Some of Jenny's powers are revealed in this episode: Laser Beam, Dino Drill, Blazing Blades, Mighty Mallets, Fists of Fury, Shiva Swords, Rocket Bomb, Poppin' Shield, Thor's Hammer, Swiss Mix, Crossbow, Lobster Claw, Monkey's Paw, and Stretchy Arm and Extendo Finger.
  • Animation Goofs: When Brad and Tuck are on the Ferris Wheel and it starts, you can see that when a car goes off screen while the bars that connect the car to the center of the wheel abruptly dissapear.
    • When Brad and Tuck get on the Ferris Wheel, they are in a dark blue car. However, when the Ferris Wheel is switched to Death Spiral, their car is pale green.
  • In an interview with 'Cartoon Vs. Cancer', Rob Renzetti said, that this episode was the first one of the series. While writing the storyboard, they had not exactly decided on the final looks of the characters.
  • The episode title, “Raggedy Android”, is a reference to the famous ragdoll character and classic toy, Raggedy Ann.
  • Jenny's manual is called "Your Body, Yourself". "Our Bodies, Ourselves" is a women's health book, designed for girls going through puberty.
  • Stimpy from The Ren and Stimpy Show makes a cameo as a stuffed animal seen at the carnival.



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