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Samurai Vac is a Japanese vacuum cleaner with robotic aptitudes. He only appeared in his eponymous episode, "Samurai Vac".


During the rampage from one of the Chimeras, Samurai Vac tried to fend off the beast. As the Chimera prepared to stomp him, Jenny rescued him and defeated the monster. Although Vac wasn't thankful for this, as he believed Jenny dishonored him for taking the spotlight from him. Jenny made it up to him by disguising herself as a giant mechanical bird, which Vac easily defeats. Unfortunately, the Chimera returns with a much larger Chimera by its side. Jenny tried to fight the Chimeras only to be eaten and spat out, leaving Samurai Vac as Tokyo's last hope. Vac uses his vacuum abilities to defeat the creature and banish it, and thus he regains his honor and Tokyo's respect.


Episode no. Title Role in episode Airdate (USA) Season
39a Samurai Vac Main character of the episode. Vac is frustrated and loses confidence after Jenny keeps stealing his spotlight, but regains his honor after Jenny helps him find his confidence. May 2, 2009
(produced in 2006)


  • His name is a pun on Samurai Jack from the show of the same name.