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Commander Smytus captures Jenny and takes her back to Cluster Prime. Once there, he takes control of her mind and fuses her with several Cluster drones to form a giant, doomsday robot. Now converted to the Cluster, Jenny goes back to Earth to destroy her friends and family. Having been awakened because of Jenny being in crisis, the rest of the XJ line prepare to save their captive sister.


(XJ1 to 8 shuts off)

Dr. Wakeman: Yes yes yes, thanks for saving the world. Now back to the basement you!

Jenny (to XJ-1): "I couldn't have done it without you, little one."

Dr. Wakeman: "Boys, stop! Everything will be fine".

Dr. Wakeman: "We're doomed!"

XJ-5: "No you're not!"

Jenny (to Smytus): "Blah blah blah! I got two words for you. Penalty kick!"

XJ-6 (to XJ-5): "Excuse me, but Y is everything always about Jenny?! All bet if I was capture by some alien robot race, Nobody's silent alarm would go on!"

XJ-5 (to XJ-6): What R U talking about?! That's crazy!!

XJ-4 (to XJ-6): Yeah, UR just jealous!

XJ-6 (to XJ-4): Jealous?! Jealous of what?!

XJ-5 (to XJs-1,2,3,4,6,7, and 8): Come on, girls lets work as a team!!

XJ-6 (to Smytus): What, I'm not good enough 2 B absorbed 1st???!!!

Smytus: "We have taken over XJ-9!"

Smytus: "Say goodnight, Mommy!"

Dr. Wakeman: "Prototypes XJ-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8! What are you girl doing awake?"

XJ-5 (to Dr. Wakeman): "When Jenny became part of the Cluster, a sudden alarm was triggered."

Dr. Wakeman: "You really think you can stop her, XJ-5?"

XJ-5: "Uhh..we may earlier version of XJ-9 bu we can still kick some serious butt!"

XJ-1: (crying)

XJ-7: "At this rate, we'll never leave the house. We won't save Jenny."

XJ-8: (slams her fists on the floor) "This arguing is inefficient and outerproductive to our lead objective. We leave now!"



Mistakes revealed: after running into the house, Brad's, Tuck's and Dr. Wakeman's hair is all burned out by the giant metal robot that insists Jenny's laser. Later, when XJ2 hiccups, their hair grows back to normal.

  • SPOILER ALERT: XJ-1 saves her younger sisters by spewing onto Jenny.


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