Commander Smytus is one of the major antagonists in the My Life as a Teenage Robot series. He is the former militaristic commander of the Cluster. He is voiced by Steve Blum.


Smytus works under Queen Vexus, though he is independent in nature and is often known to go off on missions of his own. When it comes to fighting Jenny, Smytus typically wields a very powerful tool or weapon which he uses to gain a temporary upperhand, and often proves himself to be a very serious and formidable villain. However, he is eventually outwitted and defeated by Jenny and her friends one way or another.

Commander Smytus made his first appearance in "Dressed To Kill" where an accident on his starship caused him to lose a supply of rare super-powered Pip Crystals, which he had planned to use as his power source to overtake and destroy the Earth. The crystals landed on Earth, in Jean Phillipe's dress store, ending up on the dresses that Brit and Tiff Crust were examining for the upcoming prom. Smytus masqueraded as a Ukrainian supermodel named “Smytlona” in attempt to retrieve the crystal-coated dresses in Jean’s store, but Jenny appeared and exposed his ruse. With the Crust Cousins now in control of the crystals, Smytus was shrunk down to the size of a beetle, and he retreated (it is unknown how he later returned to normal size). The fight over the Pip-Crystals ended with Jenny cleverly showing the Crust Cousins an article in a fashion magazine deeming crystals “out of style”, and the crystal-covered gowns were locked away where Smytus could never find them.

Later, in “Sister Sledgehammer”, Smytus returned to Earth yet again to get revenge. He managed to successfully capture Jenny in a trap, using his Cluster Drones to take over her mind and body and assimilate her into the Cluster as a massive destructive robot, using her as the main power core. He then sent her to destroy the Earth, first commanding her to annihilate her creator, Nora Wakeman, and ravage her hometown, the city of Tremorton. However, when Jenny was overtaken by the Cluster, a distress signal was sent out which automatically reactivated prototypes XJ-1 through -8 to come to her aid and battle to save her. The XJ-Sisters seemed to be no match for Smytus, however, and he managed to assimilate the second through eighth prototype XJ robots into his droid. It seemed that Smytus had finally won, before XJ-1 inadvertently brought Jenny back to her senses by throwing up motor oil on her face. Once freed from the Cluster’s control, Jenny defeated Smytus once more.

Jenny Controlled by Smytus - Sister Sledgehammer

Jenny under complete control of Smytus’ Cluster Drones in “Sister Sledgehammer”.

In "Escape from Cluster Prime", when Vexus launched her invasion on the Earth, Commander Smytus was put in charge of enslaving every human, putting them to work building more robot troops for the Cluster’s army. When Brad and Tuck rounded up a mini coup to force the Cluster to leave, Smytus set to detonate Earth instead. Once Jenny had left Cluster Prime (now with Vexus dethroned and exiled, and with the golden computer chips returned to the robot citizens), she returned to save Earth from being annihilated by Smytus. In a last resort, however, Smytus set himself and his starship to self-destruct. Jenny evacuated his ship of all her friends and allies, and promptly hurled it deep into space where the resulting explosion wouldn't harm her home planet.

Smytus somehow survived his own detonation and appeared again, along with Vexus and Krackus, on a garbage asteroid. When Jenny, Brad, and Tuck happened upon the asteroid in "Trash Talk", Vexus planned to capture and drain Jenny of her energy using their new invention, but she, Smytus, and Krackus got into an argument over how to use it. Jenny and her friends managed to escape the asteroid, which Vexus had set to self-destruct.

Due to the discontinuation of the series, what became of Smytus after his final appearance remains unknown.


Smytus resembles a large, heavily-built, green cybernetic beetle. His round, bulky, darkly-colored body is striped down the front with many different shades of deep green and yellow-green. He is clad in armored garments (which could possibly be his exoskeleton due to his insect-like traits), with thick, spiny gauntlet-like cuffs on his wrists, and rather short, thin legs with large, bulky dark green pointed boots covering his feet. He appears to have large beetle-like wings that run down his back, resembling a cape, and he possesses the ability to fly with them. A long, sharply-pointed regal-looking collar-like feature protrudes from each side of his neck, and his arms and legs appear to be armored with protective plates. He has beady, pale yellow-greenish eyes with slit pupils, and a rather large mouth lined with a row of straight blocky white teeth with a small but noticeable gap in the middle. A single long black antenna-like feature sticks up from the top of his head and extends out to the side. His rather square-shaped insectoid head is black, and his face is pale yellow-green.

When enraged (as shown in Dressed To Kill) Smytus is able to morph his seemingly cybernetic body to wield many razor-sharp yellow-green pincers and spines, with his hands enlarging and becoming large three-pronged mechanical-looking claws, and his wings unfurling into wide segments like interlocking plates of metal.


Smytus is very hawkish (militaristic), arrogant, self-centered, and ruthless. He has a loud, snarling, domineering voice, and is intimidating and bad-tempered, often boasting of his power and demanding respect and praise (to both his Cluster minions, and to the victims of his invasions). He longs to overtake planet Earth for the Cluster, and he is willing to take extremely drastic measures in order to punish and destroy humankind, even going so far as to set to detonate and annihilate the entire planet Earth (in Escape from Cluster Prime). Like Vexus, he strongly despises humans.

Being the battle-hardened commander of the Cluster's military, he is a military genius, and wields very powerful weapons and rather ingenious schemes which he utilizes in attempt to thwart Jenny and take over Earth with his Cluster army. Though Smytus is more intelligent than earthlings, being an advanced cybernetic alien life-form, he is power-hungry and boastful, and occasionally makes a fool of himself because of this trait (e.g. losing the Pip Crystals to the Crust Cousins in Dressed To Kill because he was too busy gloating and berating his minions).

Despite his normally ruthless, serious, and menacing outward demeanor, Smytus can be rather silly at times, and seems to have a sense of humor and an eccentric personality.


  • Smytus’ name is likely derived from the word “smite”, which means “to defeat or conquer a people or land”. This is fitting due to the fact that Smytus is the power-hungry Cluster military commander, heavily bent on intergalactic conquest and defeating his enemies, in particular conquering planet Earth and enslaving and eliminating humanity.


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