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Sheldon and the Space Pirates.

The Space Pirates are a group of minor antagonists in My Life as a Teenage Robot.

They are infamous and dangerous intergalactic alien thieves who were at one time under the rule of Sheldon when he was accidentally flung into space by Jenny in "Good Old Sheldon."

List of Captains

First Space Pirate Captain

First Captain

  • The First Space Pirate Captain was the initial captain of the Space Pirates. He is a sharp-fanged, clownish alien with two horns sprouting from his head. Finding Sheldon’s sense of humor amusing, he spared him from harm and instead appointed him as the crew’s cabin boy. The captain was killed when he stuck his flag into a planet which was actually a large alien monster that proceeded to devour him.

Second Space Pirate Captain

Second Captain

  • The Second Space Pirate Captain was a snakelike member of the Space Pirates. After the first captain was killed, the snakelike alien pirate took his place as the new captain, but was also killed when he was accidentally smashed by a treasure chest by another crew member while digging up buried treasure.

Third Space Pirate Captain

Third Captain

  • The Third Space Pirate Captain was an octopus-like member of the Space Pirates. After the former snakelike captain was killed, he became the captain, but he was also killed when he was inadvertently blasted by the ship’s laser cannon.

After all three former captains perished, Sheldon officially became the captain of the Space Pirates.