Speak No Evil is the second part of episode 5 of My Life as a Teenage Robot. It's also the second part of the Sense No Evil saga.


Jenny goes to Japan and sees the country in panic. She helps them get rid of the monsters but unintentionally lost her English OS Disc. She came back to Tremorton but nobody understood her. Nora Wakeman knew that Jenny can't speak English but noticed that there's a fire in town. Tuck Carbunkle opened his gift from Japan and thought that the toy needs to add water but became a monster. Jenny told the monster to drop the bus but the monster can also speak Japanese. The Japanese kid that Jenny met earlier gave her the English OS Disc. Later, Brad Carbunkle thought that his gift could need sun rays.



  • Janice Kawaye, Jenny's voice actress, doesn't just speak English, but also Japanese herself because she is of Japanese descent.
  • In the Japanese version of this episode, Jenny loses the ability to speak Japanese and can only speak English.
  • Translation from Japanese to English:
    • Jenny: "What's wrong?"
    • Japanese man: "Look over there."
    • Jenny: "Don't get scared!"
    • Jenny: "Take cover!"
    • Jenny: "Give me a pipe!"
    • Jenny: "Thanks!"
    • Japanese Kid: "Homerun!"
    • Japanese Kid: "Strike!"
    • Japanese Kid: "Yes, take this!"
    • Jenny: "Thank you."
    • Japanese people: "Are you ok?"
    • Jenny: "Yes, I'm okay."
    • Japanese Kid: "Excuse me. Excuse me.
    • Jenny: "I'm okay. See you everybody!"
    • Japanese Kid: "Wait, robot!"
    • Jenny: "Good afternoon."
    • Jenny: "No biggie."
    • Jenny: "I'd like to."
    • Jenny: "What's wrong? You don't learn Japanese? I'd love to go shopping! I'm speaking Japanese! Why aren't you speaking Japanese? WHY?"
    • Jenny: "What's wrong?
    • Jenny: "I can't speak English!"
    • Jenny: "I can't speak English!"
    • Jenny: "I can't speak English!"
    • Jenny: "No. What are doing?"
    • Jenny: "That's it!"
    • Jenny: "See you later."
    • Jenny: "Don't get scared!"
    • Jenny: "Take cover!"
    • Jenny: "are you moron!"