Teen Team Time is part 2 of episode 17 of season 2. It first aired on January 21st, 2005.


The episode begins as Brad and a group of kids discuss that they all had "things" that came up, keeping them from doing homework or studying for an exam. It's then Jenny also mentions what she had to deal with but Tiff and Britt then make fun of her before Jenny states she wishes she didn't stick out so much... Suddenly many people begin to yell as an odd black tadpole appears.

Jenny is about to attack when suddenly three other people suddenly appear! The Amazing Orion, The Stupendous Squish, and The Illusive Mistery. After The Illusive Mistery reveals that it hates spankings, Jenny quickly finishes the job with them before everybody begins to cheer for the four super heroes.

Meanwhile, Tuck is accidentally waiting with Brad to go to the Goop Zone.

In town, Jenny is speaking with the Teen Team and Misty explains that they all felt as if they didn't belong and they then ask Jenny to join since she feels the same way that they used to.

That evening Tuck arrives home only to find out that Brad fell asleep. So he decides to have some fun with his brother before the following morning...

Realizing the time Jenny rushes to school where Brad is passed out in his food. He seems angry with Jenny, considering she didn't show up and she promises to make it up to him by coming to the Goop Zone that evening. Later she arrives to see the Teen Team is missing and she is led to an odd building where the Teen Team is awaiting her. But first comes the initiation!

Jenny manages to defeat the three of them with ease, then they check her speed before Jenny shuts her brain off as Misty tries to read her mind to find her biggest weakness.

Later that evening Brad has been waiting outside of Goop Zone when the announcer challenges him to come inside and have fun. So Brad proceeds to have fun! Unfortunately this causes a bit of havoc to reign when suddenly the Teen Team arrives! Quickly Jenny takes down the mechanical squirrel that causes trouble before she remembered she was supposed to meet with Brad.

She then introduces the Teen Team to Brad, but they refuse to associate with regular humans. They plan to leave Earth, since they don't really like humans. Brad incidentally offends Jenny and she leaves out of anger and spite. Brad tells her off, but clearly is upset regarding this...

Suddenly, that tadpole monster from before shows up! Now as a frog!

Jenny tries to tell the Teen Team that the humans aren't so bad but they don't want to listen. Jenny then sees Brad and Tuck in trouble and tells the Teen Team that they're in trouble and its because of them but the Teen Team does not want to get involved. So instead Jenny tries to destroy the frog monster herself. The Teen Team simply watches except for Misty who helps Jenny fighting the giant Frog.

After Brad tricks the frog into shocking itself, Misty then tells Jenny they have to leave and she promises to see Jenny again someday before she leaves with the other two. It's then Jenny, Brad, and Tuck go back into the Goop Zone to go and have fun as the episode ends.