Tiffany "Tiff" Crust is one of the Crust Cousins, along with Brit Crust, two fashionable school bullies whom Jenny often clashes and competes with at Tremorton High School.

She is voiced by Cree Summer.



Tiff is shown to be shorter than Brit, and heavier-set, with a lighter skintone. Like her cousin, she has black hair and eyes, and she normally wears her hair in pigtails with purple hair clips, and a magenta cat-eared hat. She appears to wear mascara and makeup, and has three earrings on each ear. Normally, Tiff wears a black tanktop, black fingerless gloves, dark magenta shorts with a black belt, black and white striped stockings/socks, and black shoes. Like Brit, she often changes her appearance and wardrobe to match the latest fashion trends.


Tiff is depicted as selfish, a braggart, and popular, just like her cousin. Unlike Brit, who is passive-aggressive, cunning, and shrewd, Tiff is the opposite; she is openly rude and cruel, and is grungy and pugnacious rather than posh and sophisticated. While Brit is a posh and sophisticated snob, Tiff is a street-smart punk girl. She and Brit despise Jenny equally and constantly plan to make her life at school miserable. While Brit is the brain behind their shenanigans, Tiff is the muscle.  Due to her status as being both popular, and a bully, Tiff tends to intimidate nearly everybody in Tremorton High.

She and her cousin associate with other popular bullies, such as Pteresa and Don Prima



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