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Vladimir Wakeman (formerly known as Mr. Scruffles) was Nora Wakeman's former lab-rat, and leader of a gang of mutated lab rats.

He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


Vladimir, Dr. Wakeman's super-intelligent mutated lab rat with a distinct Russian-sounding accent, debuted in "Pest Control." Tired of being treated like a "pet" and being used as an experimental test subject, he exacted revenge on Nora by stealing Jenny's body. He was defeated when Brad, Tuck, Dr. Wakeman, and Jenny knocked the rat-controlled robot body into a pool, to which his fellow rat minions "abandoned ship" to avoid the water and electrocution. Vladimir returned again in a later episode as the leader of The Legion of Evil.


Episode no. Title Role in episode Airdate (USA) Season
1b Pest Control Vladimir plans to destroy Mrs. Wakeman by taking control of Jenny's body. August 1, 2003
(produced in 2002)
32a The Legion of Evil Vladimir is one of the villains who are members of the Legion of Evil. October 25, 2008
(produced in 2005)


  • Vladimir is the first antagonist of the series.
  • Vladimir's design is reminiscent of the early incarnations of Disney’s mascot character Mickey Mouse, as well as Mickey's nemesis, Mortimer Mouse.
  • The name and personality of Vladimir, and the plot of the episode Pest Control are seemingly a reference to the Russian Revolution in 1917. Vladimir Lenin (who Mr. Scruffles the rat shares his name with) was the famous revolutionary leader. Vladimir the rat calls his fellow lab rats "Comrades" (a commonly known Russian communist term for "friends"), and proclaims "we have suffered much under the cruelty of Dr. Wakeman" (a similar scenario the Russians faced under the leadership of Nicholas II). Vladimir's personality is commanding, and the rats (Russians) seized hold of XJ-9's body (weaponry). The rats were intercepted by Brad, Tuck, Jenny, and Mrs. Wakeman (Americans), and because of the rats' instincts (cowardice in the face of fear), Vladimir failed, and the rat minions were caught and taken away by the Pest Control service (possibly a reference to the collapse of the U.S.S.R).