XJ-3 is the third prototype sister of Jenny created by Dr. Nora Wakeman.

Appearance and Personality

XJ-3 is a small, cute XJ prototype robot. She appears as a smaller, toddler-like version of Jenny with only one eye, two pincers as hands, and rounder in shape. She is not very stable, and thus, falls apart easily, and is very awkward and very clumsy on her feet, often falling down. In terms of robotic development, she represents a toddler who is just beginning to learn how to walk. Her biggest weakness is her clumsiness, and her body is easily disassembled.


XJ-3 can create hammers on her hands (shown in Sister Sledgehammer), and can form a spinning scorpion tail (shown in Turncoats).



  • Because she can't talk, XJ-3 is the only XJ robot to not have a voice actor.
  • She seems to be the XJ-Sister who receives the most repairs by Dr. Wakeman, or gets 'cleaned up' by XJ-4, due to her constantly falling apart and needing reassembly.