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XJ-5 is is the fifth prototype sister of Jenny created by Dr. Nora Wakeman.

Personality and Appearance

XJ-5 is a teal, rather boxy-shaped radio-like prototype XJ robot. Her design looks rather old-fashioned, with a radio dish feature on her base, two eyes that resemble dials, and a squared speaker for a mouth. She has rocket-powered pigtails (very similar to Jenny’s), enabling her to fly. She constantly talks and makes comments, sometimes to the dismay of the people around her. She is the literal chatterbox of the XJ-Sisters, though she does have great leadership skills, seen when she managed to lead her sisters in fixing a dam in Sibling Tsunami. In Turncoats, when she is being controlled by Dr. Locus’ remote, she doesn't speak, but instead plays music like a radio, even playing taps when she is defeated.


Sibling Tsunami (first appearance)

Sister Sledgehammer (She was the sixth-to-last XJ sister to be absorbed by the Cluster-possesed Jenny but is later freed, last speaking role)

Designing Women (Brief Cameo)

Agent 00' Sheldon (No Lines)

Escape from Cluster Prime (Brief Cameo)

Labor Day (Brief Cameo)

Turncoats (Doesn't speak, instead plays radio music)


  • She is voiced by Kath Soucie, who provides her with a voice very similar to her other voiced characters, Betty DeVille from Rugrats, and Toll of Totally Spies.