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XJ-6 is the sixth prototype XJ robot created by Nora Wakeman.

Physical Appearance

XJ-6 is tall and thin, with green pigtails similar to Jenny's, but straighter, pointier, and more triangular, facing forward, and three insect-like legs that bend outward at the ends. She is typically seen with only one arm, as the other is usually hidden. She has a wide dual/split-screen computer monitor-like head which displays her mouth and bright green eyes. Much like her arms, typically only one green eye is visible (due to the slightly contorted angle she is usually facing), but occasionally, when XJ-6 turns her head, her entire screen/face can be seen, and she is shown to truly posses two eyes, one visible on either side of her wide split-screen monitor-like head. Her jagged green mouth resembles an electrocardiograph’s readings.


XJ-6 is often ill-tempered and grouchy, as she easily becomes jealous, especially toward Jenny; XJ-6 feels she is considered inferior by Dr. Wakeman due to the fact that she is an unfinished prototype, whereas her older sister, XJ-9, is the hero of Tremorton, successfully made to be Earth’s protector. This jealous tension between XJ-6 and Jenny has been mostly demonstrated in Turncoats. XJ-6 has been shown to even become jealous when misfortune happens to those other than herself, as in Sister Sledgehammer, when she was not the first to be absorbed by the Cluster-possessed Jenny.

XJ-6’s design seems to be based on the distorted view some teenage girls have of themselves, especially if they are insecure and prone to becoming easily jealous of other girls their age. She speaks with somewhat of a Valley-girl accent.


(First Appearance) XJ-6, along with the rest of the XJ-Sisters, was discovered by Jenny in a secret room in Dr. Wakeman’s basement lab. Jenny activated her and the rest of her prototype sisters.

XJ-6 and the rest of the XJ-Sisters had to rescue Jenny from Smytus’ Cluster drone control. XJ-6 became the third XJ robot to be absorbed by the Cluster-possessed Jenny (which she questioned "What? I'm not good enough to be absorbed first?"). She and all other XJ-Sisters, including Jenny, are later freed thanks to XJ-1.

(No Lines) XJ-6 was one of the robots captured by the secret agents. Sheldon had to rescue her and the other robots during his mission.

(Brief Cameo)

(Brief Cameo)

XJ-6 and her sisters were mind-controlled by Dr. Locus’ invention to attempt to destroy their creator. Jenny had to do battle with XJ-6 to neutralize her and protect her mother. XJ-6 and her sisters were later repaired by Dr. Wakeman once Locus was defeated and the mind-control was undone.


XJ-6 (to Jenny): "Well, if it isn't mother's favorite!"

Jenny (to XJ-6): "Alright, XJ-6, who's controlling you?"

XJ-6 (to Jenny): "Oh, why do you want to know? So you can stop it and save the day? Is always XJ-9 the big hero? And what are the rest of us? Chopped leavers?

- XJ-6 expressing her jealously about Jenny in "Turncoats".


  • XJ-6's envious personality and design are a reference to the "Green Eyed Monster", mentioned in Shakespeare's quote: "O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mock..."