XJ-7 is the seventh prototype XJ robot sister of Jenny built by Dr. Nora Wakeman.

Physical Appearance

XJ-7 is a blue robot with white arms, bags under her eyes, a gloomy frown (though she does smile occasionally), and pig-tails that droop limply. She is usually hunched over, and has a set of treads for locomotion.


XJ-7 is often very depressed and unlucky, and sees everything as useless and hopeless, having serious low self-trust and low self-esteem. She sees herself as useless, as well, in which, to the point that in Turncoats, she self-destructs because she believes that she "cannot even sound evil in a convincing way".

XJ-7 does, however, seem to love square dancing, which is one of the rare things that makes her smile.



  • In Sibling Tsunami, when Jenny asked her what was wrong, XJ-7 responded, "The usual: life, the universe, and everything..." This is a possible reference to Marvin the Paranoid Android, a robot who was programmed to be depressed, from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" novel series.
  • In Agent 00' Sheldon, XJ-7 can be seen smiling for a brief amount of time.
  • In Turncoats, XJ-7 was about to fight her mother until she gives up and self-destructs. However, she apparently is unable to self-destruct correctly because of her depression.
  • XJ-7 shares similarities with Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh; they are both very gloomy and negative, with a similar sad, monotone speech pattern, and rarely smile.
  • Like XJ-8, XJ-7 also has a computerized voice, making her sound somewhat like a boy.


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